Mage Quest

Dark forces are close at hand! Use your genuine abilities of magic and fighting to destroy the monsters that are coming to invade your homeland.

Mage Quest is an epic fantasy game with both single and multiplayer modes. As you progress in the endless adventure in the single player mode, you can buy new items and learn new spells. In multiplayer mode, you can both challenge to your friends or random opponents in an arena.

In this magic world, you can

* Progress through levels by slaying various creatures including skeletons, undeads, zombies, orcs and spooky mages
* Earn gold as you defeat opponents and unlock special achievements
* Buy items of higher quality to get stronger
* Do more damage with combination of spells.

In multiplayer arena, various alternatives are available:

* Find random opponents using quick match
* Duel with a friend in 1vs1 mode
* Multiply the fun with your group in 2vs2 mode
* Select training mode to challange to your opponent with equal powers
* Build a mighty character in single player mode and become unbeatable in arenas
* Submit your glory to the leaderboard (Quick match only)
* Change camera view to third person if you like.

Enjoy the battles of valour with your unique warrior mage!